Best Items for Fashionable New Mother When Coming Back Work After a Long Pregnancy Period

After giving birth, your body can’t be slender as before when you hadn’t had the babies yet. Maybe because of the oversized waist and fat body, you lose your confidence to go your office. Actually, it is very OK when you only need to dress more neatly, elegant and formal than the clothing at home. In this post, we will help you know some secrets to wearing nicely when going out.

1. High Heels

After giving birth, you do not love the high heels anymore. Since in the pregnancy time you always wear the flat shoes, coming back the slender high heels make you feel a bit unfamiliar, shaky and not steady.

Best Items for Fashionable New Mother When Coming Back Work After a Long Pregnancy Period

But this does not mean that you do not want to be flexible and smooth with this type of shoes. In this case, we advise you to move from the slender high heels to square and solid sole shoes. If the morning you go out with a sturdy pair of canoe sole high heel, then at night let’s choose the rough sole ones when hanging out or joining parties.

When looking for the high heel, do not fall in love with which are so flashy! Let’s choose the simple styling with the height of the soles over 3 centimeters.

2. Black Costumes

When going to work, let’s wear as neatly as possible because simple is the best, you still comfortably show your necessary elegance. Avoid the costumes with many cumbersome and multi-tiered details or the skirts with many layers. Why? Very easy to understand, they will make you are bigger and more sloppy.

Let’s pick the black costumes up, or another dark color if you want. Replace the rough and hard khaki with the soft material because that material is easy to show your body’s weakness. Besides, you can also choose the costume in dark red color.

3. Trousers

As if the job needs wearing the trousers, you should select the models of the shirt rather long, especially the shirt with focal points at the chest to mix with a big belt. With this method, you will make people around pay attention to the part of the chest and overlook your belly.

Best Items for Fashionable New Mother When Coming Back Work After a Long Pregnancy Period

4. Vest

And your job requires you to wear the vest, you should types which have the long form with the V-shaped neck, together with the high heels. This style will help you to be neat, high and polite at work. You can also mix this vest with the trousers or jeans, it is so good!

Absolutely stay away the style of T-shirt short until your waist. It will show your oversized waist and make you shorter and bigger. Should remember that when your waist has been over-sized already, please choose the suitable designs to conceal the disadvantages of this line, and you will be more compact and thin.

5. Dress

About dress, you should choose the tight dresses, because it helps to create the focal point at your hips instead of your belly.

Do not wear the skirt with legging. This combination will make you fatter and more sloppy.

Let’s select the dress with the length up to your knee. When you are in this style, wear a pair of high heels, you will realize that your height is cheated significantly and the disadvantages are concealed well.

Best Items for Fashionable New Mother When Coming Back Work After a Long Pregnancy Period

6. Boots

When the winter is coming, do not forget to mix an office long-formed vest with the tight skirt and low-sleeved boots. They are simple, keep you warm and help you not to look so cumbersome or informal. Please do not wear the tight sweater even when it has the dark color.  But, you should avoid the boots without soles, because it will make you shorter than fact.


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