How to Be A Happier Mom

Some people may say that being a mom is a hardest job on earth. There are many things that moms need to take care of, from housework, kids to work and social life. With so many things going on with their life, moms will find no time to relax, no time on their own and then they will start to feel really stressful and unhappy.

Being an unhappy mom can lead to many negative things. If you are unhappy and stressed with what you are doing now, you will make them worse. When you see the results of what you have done, it makes you become even more stressed and unhappy.

Furthermore, your unhappiness will pass down to your kids and your partner, making them fell uneasy and uncomfortable as well.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain calm and happy all the time.

How to Be A Happier Mom

Well, of course you know about the important of being positive and want to be so all the time. You just don’t know how to. In this article, I will provide some of the tips on how to be a happy mom which you can learn and apply to your life.

Here are what you can do to become happier:

1. Just Be Yourself

Many moms think that they need to do everything perfectly and that everybody expects them to do so. However, you will never be able to please all of the people around you.

Furthermore, try not to compare yourself with other moms. Everybody in the world has their own strength and weakness. Therefore, don’t copy and follow the trends that every other mom is doing right now if it is not your things.

For example, other mom may make for their children their own version of Halloween costumes. If you are not good at sewing and don’t want to do so, buying a piece of costume from the supermarket will not harm anyone. It saves you time and make you relaxed.

Instead, do thing that you love. If you love baking, try to engage your children to do it with you. You will have a lot of
quality time with them and help them to improve their skills. Now think about the possible time you may waste on sewing.
In term of comparison, it is also worth noting that most of moms tend to compare their children with other moms’ children. They often think about the weight, the height as well as the capability of these children. If you are also doing that all the time, you should stop it.

Each child has different rate and timeline of development. Comparing among them won’t change anything and it makes you worried more. As long as your children are healthy and happy, nothing else is more important.

How to Be A Happier Mom

2. Talk to Your Friends

When you have your own family, you may often lose contact of many close friends.  Now it is time to pick up the phone and call some of your friends. Catch up with their life and share yours.

It is also a good chance for you and your friends to share experience as well as hints and tips to be a good mom.

Besides talking on the phone, there are also many other ways to catch up with your group of friends. You can go for a walk in the park with them, invite them to have dinner or going picnic in the parks.

If your friends also have kids then that would be a good chance for them to play along and become friends to others.

3. Have A Family Meeting

You can set up a family meeting at the weekend. In this meeting, you and your family will share about events that happened last week as well as other things that they will do next week.

You should use this time wisely to communicate with your family. If you are unhappy about something, say it out loud and together with your family, find solutions to any problem.

Here are 3 tips that I find effective but still very easy to do to make sure that you can become happier. In general, you need to be yourself, don’t do things that you don’t like. You should also stop compare you with other moms and your kids with other kids. It is also good to catch up with your friends and share out about your life. Finally spending some quality time with your family would also enhance you mood.

I hope that you would be able to adopt those tips to your personal life and soon will see that you are happier and love your life even more.

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