Tips On Using Your Mason Jars

Mason Jars could be one of the best inventions made for the kitchen. They sure bring many benefits to your kitchen.

Along with the vacuum sealer – best food savers reviews, they offer a great way to store food that could maintain both the flavors and nutrients. You can visit that articel to read more ways to store foods and keep them fresh.

Mason Jars are become more and more popular with various sizes in different height and width for various reasons. Here are some of the most common benefits of using Mason Jars for storing food:

1/ They Are Safe

Mason Jars are made from glass, which makes it safer to use the than alternative plastic ones. This is very true when you use Mason Jars to make pickle. When canning, a jar of pickles needs to be boiled in hot water. It is safer to use glass because it withstands the heat better than a plastic one.

Also when you store the food a long time, there will be no harsh chemical that can get into the food.

Tips On Using Your Mason Jars

2/ They Help You Organize the Kitchen Better

Mason Jars come in many sizes and colors of the lids. Therefore they help you to organize your kitchen better.

Different colors of the lids will help you to identify different kinds of foods.

Also with many sizes, Mason Jars help you to manage the space better.

It is also very quick to take what you want when you store them in Mason Jars. Because they can be seen through so you don’t have to open each of them to look for what you need.

There are also many other benefits such as the ability to keep food fresher and also it is very convenient and quick to store foods in Mason Jars. In the next section, we will find out about the ways you could use your Mason Jars for:

Here are 5 ways you could use your Mason Jars for:
  • To Store Spice
As I mention above, because Mason Jars can be seen through, therefore it is easier to get what spice you need just by looking at them. There are Mason Jars which come in mini sizes, which are very suitable to be used to store spice such as salt, pepper and sugar.
  • To Store Salads

If you use Pinterest, you will see there are thousands of people sharing their salad-in-a –jar recipes. Mason Jars offer a very effective way to bring the salad to work. Also the salad will look really delicious if packed this way.

Also the salad will be fresh for a longer time if you store it in the carefully sealed Mason Jars.

Besides lettuce and cucumbers, you can use Mason Jars to store herb. Just pour half of the jars with water; you can store them for much longer than the normal way.

Tips On Using Your Mason Jars
  • To Store Dried Foods
Mason Jars can help you store dried food better than using plastic box and cardboard. With cardboard, your dried foods are prone to humidity and air, which can affect the quality of the foods. Also pest will find their ways to damage through plastic box and cardboards more easily.
  • To Store Goods
Besides food, you can be creative and use Mason Jars to store many other types of goods such as your collection of wool. They offer a better way to store them rather than cardboard because pets can open the Mason Jars as easily.
  • To Store Your Cutlery

Without the lids, Mason Jars offer a great way to store your cutlery. When you use your Mason Jars this way, they become a very unique and creative way to decorate your kitchen.

Overall, Mason Jars are really helpful when you use them to store your fresh food, your dried foods and picked foods. They are fresher for a longer time. Also you can use these jars for other purposes as well. I hope that with this article, you will find more way to use your jars so that you can make the fullest use out of them over here


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